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Thaw Out Frozen Water Pipes

Taking care of a frozen pipe can be a real hassle. Not only do you not have running water, you’ll likewise run the risk of that pipe bursting.

Now that wintertime is in full swing, there will constantly be the danger that your water pipes will ice up even if you take precautions.

If this does take place, then you’ll wish to thaw out your pipelines.

Prior to you start the process, there are a few things to remember:

  • Firstly, do not ever utilize an open flame in an attempt to thaw out your icy water pipes.
  • Secondly, constantly examine the weather forecast.
  • Sometimes the weather condition will certainly go back to normal after just a day, meanings the icy pipes might also thaw by themselves.
  • If the temperature level looks like it is going to remain the exact same, you’ll need to set about the procedure of defrosting the pipes yourself.

What You Should Do To Thaw Your Pipes

As soon as you thaw your water pipes, a leak may take place. As a result of this, you must prepare to switch off the main shut-off shutoff.

If you do not know where it is located, be sure to discover it before you begin defrosting your frozen water pipes.

Examine both the cold and hot tap. Occasionally the cold water pipe may be frozen, yet the hot water pipeline will certainly still function.

If this holds true, then merely run your hot water for about 20 mins. The heat from the hot water pipes should transfer over to the frozen pipeline, assisting it to thaw out.

If both your hot water and cold water pipelines are frozen, you’ll wish to find the spot where the water pipe has iced up and use a hairdryer in order to heat it.

Use the highest heat setting on your hair clothes dryer and keep it a few inches far from the pipeline. If the place where the water pipe has actually iced up is out of view, use the hairdryer as close as possible.

The plumbing pipes tend to conduct heat fairly well, so the warmth of the hairdryer can transfer to the location that is frozen. This procedure takes just about 45 minutes.

If you are not sure of where the frozen pipeline is, or feel uncomfortable with trying to thaw it out yourself, you ought to call an expert plumbing technician.

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